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I am a keen exponent of the ABC(plus) method of music notation. This section of my website tries to showcaces some of its possibilities.

Tranposition Options

Special 'one-click transpositions:
    None [=selected]    (1 octave down) Cello    (2 octaves down) Cello    (e.g. Clarinet in) Bb    (e.g. Alt Sax in) Eb    (e.g. Horn in) F    (e.g. Euphonium in) Bb, 1 octave down

general transposition:

Viewing score and abc source of 'voices_X2'

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% here are only some first lines of sample tunes
%%deco fp 6 pf 20 2 5 fp
% --- piano ---
%%staves {RH LH}
% most of piano tunes have only 2 voices ..
T:8th Sonata for piano
C:L. van Beethoven
%%staves {1 2}
% .. even when there are a lot of notes
!fp![E,4G,4C4]- [E,3/2G,3/2C3/2]!3![G,/2C/2]!4![G,3/2=B,3/2D3/2]!5![G,/2C/2E/2] ([=A,4C4E4]!4![=B,2D2])z2|\
!fp!!3![=B,4D4F4]- [B,3/2D3/2F3/2][B,/2D/2F/2][B,3/2D3/2G3/2][B,/2D/2A/2] ([B,4D4A4]!3![C2E2G2])z2|
[C,,4E,,4G,,4C,4]- [C,,3/2E,,3/2G,,3/2C,3/2]!2!E,/2!3!D,3/2!4!C,/2 (!2!^F,4G,2)z _A,,|\
_A,4-A,3/2!2!A,/2!1!G,3/2=F,/2 E,4-E,2z3/2 E,/2|

%%staves {RH LH}
%%MIDI program 6
% same as (abc2ps-1.3.0) but rewritten in a more standard way
%%staves {1 (2 3)}
% this voice is not complete, but the measure must be respected
% --- vocal ---
%%staves [(S A) (T B)]
% Breton words on a Wales choral
% --- organ ---
%%staves [1 (2 3) 4]
%%MIDI program 53
%%MIDI program 73
%%MIDI program 73
%%MIDI program 73
%%staves {(Pos1 Pos2) Trompette}
%%MIDI program 78
%%MIDI program 78
%%MIDI program 56