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I am a keen exponent of the ABC(plus) method of music notation. This section of my website tries to showcaces some of its possibilities.

Tranposition Options

Special 'one-click transpositions:
    None [=selected]    (1 octave down) Cello    (2 octaves down) Cello    (e.g. Clarinet in) Bb    (e.g. Alt Sax in) Eb    (e.g. Horn in) F    (e.g. Euphonium in) Bb, 1 octave down

general transposition:

Viewing score and abc source of 'newfeatures_X1'

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%%textfont Helvetica-Bold 21
%%center Examples for new features in abc2ps-1.2.5
%%textfont * 16
%%center Oct. 5 1997
%%textfont Times-Roman 16
T:Scale with Treble Clef
%%freegchord 1	% abcm2ps: don't print 'b' as a flat sign
K:C treble	% abcm2ps: must be forced because too low at the beginning
"C,"C,"D,"D,"E,"E,"F,"F, "G,"G,"A,"A,"B,"B,\
| "C"C"D"D"E"E"F"F "G"G"A"A"B"B| "c"c "d"d"e"e"f"f "g"g"a"a"b"b"c'"c' |

%abcm2ps: don't have a new key signature
%K:C alto
% text moved out of tune header - change in abcm2ps-7.x.x
%%begintext align
%%text Note: this line and the separator above are also associated with this tune. 
%%leftmargin 3cm
%%titlefont Helvetica-Bold 24
%%subtitlefont Helvetica-Bold 16
%%composerspace 0.4cm
%%composerfont Helvetica 13
%%staffwidth 5.5in
%%scale 0.75
%%staffsep 55
%%vskip 1cm
%%textfont Times-Roman 16
%%begintextSummary of changes:- Bass and alto clefs.- Vocals.- In-line info fields can be coded using [...].- Subtitles now printed without "or:".- Can be more than one composer field.- Predefined formats: standard, pretty, pretty2 (flag -p, -P).- Format page layout by .fmt file selected with flag -F.- Format page layout by %%-pseudocomments in abc file.- Other pseudocomments: %%sep, %%vskip, %%newpage.- Text output using %%text, %%center, and %%begintext .. %%endtext.- "x" functions like a rest but is invisible on the page.- Bagpipe mode for K:HP.%%endtext