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I am a keen exponent of the ABC(plus) method of music notation. This section of my website tries to showcaces some of its possibilities.

Tranposition Options

Special 'one-click transpositions:
    None [=selected]    (1 octave down) Cello    (2 octaves down) Cello    (e.g. Clarinet in) Bb    (e.g. Alt Sax in) Eb    (e.g. Horn in) F    (e.g. Euphonium in) Bb, 1 octave down

general transposition:

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T:Tripping Upstairs
|:FAA GBB | FAd fed | cBc ABc | dfe dAG |
| FAA GBB | FAd fed | cBc ABc |1 dfe d2A:|2 dfe d2c ||
|:dBB fBB | dBd fed | cAA eAA | cAc edc|
| dBB fBB | dBd fed | cBc ABc |1 dfe d2c:|2 dfe d2A ||