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Hippos Technical Systems BV - Larry Myerscough

These pages contain information about my family, my company, my hobbies and myself.
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'Terpsichore' - tool-kit for musicians and dancers


This project is named after the Greek mythological muse of Song and Dance, and indeed it is intended to become a suite of programs to support the performance of live music and dance. Functions include:

  • enhanced tuning of musical instruments - including the human voice.
  • phrase by phrase cuing of dance steps and accompaniment.
  • extending and promoting the use of ABC and ABCplus software for music score editing.


A few years ago I wrote:
"Much of the python code is ready for a first release...".
I guess I must have believed that at the time!. The truth is: The first two items have been under a figurative layer of dust for a year or so. Only my abc music stuff is currently worth offering to the world at large, and that only with the status 'work in progress'.

Code and documentation

These can be found on a separate page here... Musicraft package.

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