Phileas is a method of smoothly integrating html code within python code without having to resort to templating (which I find leads to unnatural and ugly code). It is by no means the first such venture in this direction; indeeed it is inspired by a number of earlier products with a similar aim. The features which distinguish phileas from other such products are:

Use of phileas in web pages

This is no longer regarded as part of the phileas package as such.


Releases 0.2 and 0.3 were advertised on python-forum a year or two ago. I kept quiet about intermediate releases, largely because I kept changing my mind about the best approach to some issues.

Release 0.8 is now ready for exposure to a wider world.


You may view/capture the python source of any page on this site by navigating to that page, then selecting 'show source' from the left panel.
The source of the following low-level support files can be viewed by clicking the filename below:

You may download the source of the above deliverables in this zip file