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Larry Myerscough - ABC Music Pages

This is really a (not so!) secret incubation area for my long-term project of making lots of non-copyrighted music genuinely open to a world-wide audience.

General Notes

Lots of information and software 'out there'

The ABC music format has been around for many many years. Over those years, a lot of resources have become available. One place to find information about these resources is The ABC Music project on 'sourceforge'.

My own notes on ABC plus

Perhaps following the above link (and the links within it) has made you enthusiastic and sufficiently knowedgeable about ABC music to start installing the necessary programs and start producing your own music with it.

If, however, it has left you feeling lost and/or dizzy, the notes below may help.

Quick start guide

'EasyABC' is - as the name suggests - an easy program to install and use. To install this, go to the EasyABC site and download the latet version. At the time of writing, this direct link will download the right installer for Windows users.

Music collections

This Panel on the Right is used for local navigation - not yet fully implemented as you can see!