First of all, a confession:

I did not assemble this board with loving care from the loose components; I didn't even pay for the board; I was given a ready assembled working board by my son, Colin who also enjoys experimenting with this sort of board but was unlikely to find time to 'play' with this one in the near future. (Sometimes it's good being a Dad!)

The board worked fine, as did the supplied 'C' GUI. I just missed one thing...
Python support!
I had become reasonably proficient at putting together GUIs using wxPython in recent months and wanted to put this to good use when writing custom software (e.g. climate monitoring) for this board.

In principle, interfacing to C/windows DLLs from python should be easy, thanks to the 'ctypes' module. In the past, however, I had ended up having to write custom 'C' bindings. In this case... Lo and behold, it was easy! I didn't even have to use any of the more sophisticated constructions of 'ctypes' in order to pass parameters and return values properly.


Feel free to download this zip file containing the python source code and a rather brief readme.txt.